Wing-it Vietnam Motorcycles tours are a small and efficient Tour company in Vietnam, Based in Vung Tau.

We provide motorbike touring throughout Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City To Hanoi.  We have a range of tours available; from a short1 ,3 day trip, 5 day, 10 day trips 14Day trips. And for the more Adventurous Our Iron Butt rides will keep you happy, our iron Butt rides cover up to 6000km in 28 days. There are Battle field tours available all year long, this takes in Long Tan Cross, Nui Dat Base, Luscome Airfield and Dat Do.

With our individual custom tours for females or groups as long a trip as you require we can arrange specifically to your requirements. 

Wing-it Vietnam Motorcycle Tours  is 100% owned By Expats, Van  have  lived in Vietnam for Eleven  years and traveled extensively throughout Vietnam Southern highlands region, and the Northern region We have extensive local knowledge.  We strive to give our customers value for their money, so they can go home with great memories.

We have safety as number one on our list.  We take into account all of our riders’ needs.  Each day we hold a briefing on what to expect on the trip such as road conditions, stopping points, entering and exiting towns and photo-stops. This is most important each day for a safe ride.

We encourage a spirit of fun and co-operation between all riders so that each assists the other as much as possible.  A clean bed, a clean room and a good shower are always welcome.  Our tours are for the mature rider who loves riding with a challenge each day.  You will have plenty of time to look around at the countryside from the coast to the mountains.  Plenty of photo-stops and coffee breaks so that you will be able to take in all you see throughout the day. (Not just looking at the black piece of road in front of you).  As we are (hard to say “older”….) this has been taken into account for our rides; however, all our bikes are new and designed for maximum comfort.Come and enjoy our hospitality and some of the best countryside in Vietnam.]

Managing Director
Jessica Pham